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K-35 Semi- automatic Blanking tool for communicants



Semi- automatic

Blanking tool for communicants 

Operating Range.


The semi-automatic blanking tool is designed to Catholic Orders or companies preparing communicants for Catholic Church. Communicants are cut out very exactly with sealed the borders. In this case there is not communicant-crumb during dispense of Holy Communion. Communicants are cut out from thin plate of made a cake. They possess impression of sign of cross on both sides.


 Not large device with high efficiency,

  • Easy service.



-          convenient operation, 

-          easy putting of material, 

-          quiet work of machine,


-          easy setting of parameters, 



All components of  K-35   placed on self-supporting steel frame covered by protections. All machine elements having direct contact with  product are made of materials approved by the State Institute of Hygiene (PZH).


Main components 

-          rotatory cutting die, 

-          pushing out drums,  

-          the plate for inserting of cake, 

-          the tank for collecting  of communicants,  

-          the tank for waste


-          control cabinet 



  1. Communicants


-  the kind of material                                made of cake, humidified 

-  thickness of communicant                                0.8 ÷ 1.2 mm 

-  diameter of communicant                                      Ø  35 mm 

  1. The dimension of made of cake


-  before humidification                                305mm x 308 mm 

-  after humidification                                    315mm x 320mm


-  the thickness of cake                                         0.8 ÷ 1.2 mm 

     3.  The number of sheet                                                     1


     4.  Efficiency from 1 sheet                                               81 pieces


     5.  Efficiency of device                                                12 cycles/min

 Engineering data                                                        

  1. Power supply;


-  electrical energy                                         3 x 380/220 V 50(60) Hz,


-  installed power                                                                      3  KW ,


    2.  Dimension of machine                          1200mm x 1200mm x 1500mm,


    3.  Weight                                                                                          300 kg,


  1. Protective system


-  residual current operated protection device 

     -  mechanical protection – cover with door safety switches.


    5.  Service                                                                                        1 person