Machines / UW-11

UW-11 Machine for automatic feeding of 2D and 3D elements from conveyor.


The UW-11 machine is designed to automatic feed 2D and 3D elements (eg. promotion elements) form conveyor to packaging or cartoning machines.


1. Material type: 2D flat elements and 3D elements

  • thicknees: from 1 to 30 mm; maximum difference between 3D elements: 10 mm
  • package length: 65 mm, minimum
  • package width: 120 mm, maximum
  • elements packed into polypropylene film sachets with or without printing
  • polypropylene film thickness: 30 µm, max.
  • sachets are heat sealed in one line without cutting
  • seam width of two connected sachets: 15 mm
  • feeding speed:  120 pcs/ minute

2. Operation principles of throw in machine:

  • taking of film with elements from package by means of feeding strips
  • cutting of single sachet
  • feeding of sachet by receiving strips
  • start of element feeding is initiated by signal from packaging machine
  • feeding cycle can be initiated manually with push button.


  1. Power supply: 230V 50Hz
  2. Installed power: 1.5 kVA
  3. Compressed air pressure: 6 bars
  4. Compressed air consumption: 0,3 m3/h
  5. Overall dimensions: 1200mm x 600mm x 400mm
  6. Weight (basic machine): 90 kg.
  7. Attendance: 1 person/ several machines