Machines / SP-200



The machine is designed to produce a flat sachets (in system V) as well as upright sachets (in system W) and to pack a loose products, granulated products, fluid products and semi fluid products. The machine may be equipped with the weight feeder, screw feeder, volume feeder or feeder suitable for fluid and semi – fluid products, granulated product and powdered products.


  • Lacquered paper + aluminum + polyethylene, laminar folis
  • Packaging material width: 460 mm, max
  • External diameter of packaging material reel: 500 mm, max
  • Reel core diameter: 76 ± 1 mm
  • Single load per sachet packaging machine: 1 reel
  • Half of reel width with sachet abverse (picture)
  • The second half of reel with sachet reverse (printing + length mark)


Height: 70 ÷ 230 mm


  • (single): 70 ÷ 200 mm
  • (double): 70 ÷ 100 mm

Dosing volume depends on bag size: 500 ml, max

Output (for machine working in 1 lane): 30 cycles/ minute, max

Output (for machine working in 2 lanes): 60 pcs/ minute, max


The SP-200 machine is built on self – supporting frame with protective guards.

All components of the SP-200 machine which have direct contact with packed product are made of materials having certificate of P.Z.H.

These components are readily dismountable in order to facilitate replacement and washing. The machine is equipped in independent control of temperature for each sealing jaws and infinitely variable adjustment of speed.


  • Supply
    - Power supply: 3x380V/220V 50Hz
    - Compressed air supply: 6 bars
  • Installed power: 5 kVA
  • Compressed air consumption: ca 0,3 m3/h
  • Overall dimensions
    - Basic machine: 1400mm x 6000mm x 900mm
  • Weight
    - Basic machine: 1000 kg.
  • Protective system – earthed neutral
  • Mechanical protection – guards
  • Working conditions – general production room