Machines / KH-400

KH-400 Heat sealed outer envelope machine for packing pyramid teabags.


Operating Range.


KH400 outer envelope machine is designed for packing pyramid teabags into envelopes. It is designed for cooperation with Miflex-Masz’s APO-11P pyramid teabags packing machine.  It can use for working with others pyramid teabags packing machines also. This machine is equipped with conveyor for transfer teabags pyramid from pyramid packing machine and collecting envelopes conveyor.


  • Very useful machine for packing pyramid teabags into heat sealed envelope,
  • Then you pack flavoured and good quality tea blends, aromatic herbs or pharmaceutical infusion you are in a position to protect aroma thanks to heat sealed outer envelope.
  • It is designed to cooperation with APO-11P Miflex-Masz pyramid teabags packing machine,
  • This machine one can use to work with others pyramid packing machines also,