Machines / AS-20SP-200

AS-20SP-200 Automatic packing line for packing round teabags into plastic pouches with zip keep system.


The automatic packing line AS—SP-200 is designed for packing round teabags of black and fruit teas into plastic pouches. The machine is equipped with unit adding the zip keep to pouches. This line consists from 2 parts:

  • AS-20 automatic round teabags machine
  • SP-200 automatic packing machine into pouches.

Technical/operating data

  • Power supply: 3 x 380V/ 220V 50HZ
  • Compressed air supply: 6 bar
  • Installed power: 13 kVA
  • Compressed air consumption: 2 m3/h
  • Overall dimensions
    - AS-20 with conveyer: 3500mm x 1600mm x 2500mm
    - SP-200: 1500mm x 6500mm x 2500mm
  • Weight
    - AS-20: 800kg
    - SP-200: 1500Kg
  • Service: person
  • Collection of product: 1 person

Tea bags:

  • packing material: filter paper
  • diameter of round teabag: ø55; 58; 60mm
  • weight: 2g
  • width of packing material: depend on the shape of bags, it is possible to make as “circle” as “ eye” and as “tear”
  • reel diameter: max 500mm
  • reel core diameter: 75mm ±1mm
  • quantity of reel of fitter paper: 2pcs.


  • material – lacquered paper + aluminum + polyethylene, laminar foil
  • width is depend on the volume of pouch
  • dimensions of pouches is depend on the quantity of teabags, for 25 pcs


  • height – 210mm
  • width – 150mm

AS-20: 5 lines machine,

  • cycles: 40-150 per minute
  • speed: max 750 teabags/min.


  • speed: max 30 pouches/min

The Structure

AS-20SP-200 line consists of 2 parts:

I. AS-20 automatic sachet machine for packing of tea Basis components:

  • 2 unwinders of packing material
  • guide roller system
  • Volume adjustable feeder
  • Sealing system
  • Cutting die
  • Steering box
  • Main driving system with speed regulation providing the output of 40-150 cycles per minute.
  • Batcher conveyer to 25 pcs making possibility to 25 pack into boxes by hand also
  • Control panel

All basis components are placed on the steel construction cowered by protections. The components contacted with product are made with materials having the health certificate.

They are easy demountable for cleaning.

The machine is equipped with case-by-case regulation of temperature of sealing elements and regulation of speed system. The breakdown cases are appeared and described by the display.

II SP-200 automatic packing machine into pouches

Basis components:

  • unwinder of packing material
  • blanking die 2 holes for strengthening the bottom forming module
  • photoelectric cell system
  • horizontal sealing system
  • adding sealing system
  • transfer of pouches system
  • dosing of tea bags (25pcs_ into pouches system
  • upper horizontal sealing system
  • conveyor
  • steering box
  • control panel

All components are placed on self-supporting steel frame cowered by protections.

The components contacted with product one easy demountable for cleaning. The machine is equipped with case-by-case regulation of temperature of each sealing jaw and variable adjustment of speed. The breakdown cases are appeared and described by the display.