Machines / APO-113TRSF Tea jack

APO-11-3TRSF Automatic Teabag-jack packing machine optional flow- pack machine for overwrapping teabags into cellophane 12 load cell-weighing system


Operating  Range. 

The automatic Tea-jack machine APO-11-3TrSF 3 lines is designed for packing tea into  heat sealed filter paper tea-jack bag with gussets on each side with tag. It  is possible to use Flow-pack machine for  overwrapping teabags into  cellophane. 

  • Thanks to this machine you are in a position to produce exclusive product especially to hotels, restaurants or tearooms.
  • One can diversify range of production,
  • The gussets in teabags enlarge the space of infusion,
  • Then you pack flavoured and good quality tea blends, aromatic herbs or pharmaceutical infusion you are in a position to protect aroma using overwrapping teabags by means of Flow-pack machine.